Public Engagement

On the Saturday afternoon (2nd September) of our meeting we are planning a public engagement event. The idea is to inform the general public about the placenta and to tell them about the research on the placenta that is happening across the world and in Manchester. There will be 4 concurrent sets of activities:

  1. Early Career Researchers on their soapbox; young investigators each spending 5 minutes telling the public about their research.
  2. Womb with a View where we will use art, poetry, photographs and other media to tell the public about the placenta.
  3. Manchester Clinics in action: our midwives will use a variety of tools to describe our placenta focused clinics.
  4. Its a Family Affair: activities for children to learn about the placenta and how it affects the way a baby grows.

We hope firstly that you will join us for this event. ALSO WE WOULD LIKE YOUR HELP -SPECIFICALLY:

  1. Early career researchers (very loosely defined) please volunteer to stand on your soapbox and tell the public about your research. Volunteers please contact Kirsty McIntyre (
  2. Early career researchers are also encouraged to join the ECR Facebook group (PIs please spread the word to new students) at This will help ECR reps circulate relevant news and gather opinions on the ECR social/proposed lunchtime training sessions at IFPA '17 as well as recruit speakers for the public engagement event.
  3. We need poets. If you write poetry and you have verse you would be willing to display or write specifically for our event please contact Michelle Desforges ( Note there will also be a placenta photograph competition - more information to come.

If you have any other thoughts about our public event please contact Colin Sibley (