Sights and Attractions of Manchester

Manchester has transformed itself from an industrial city dependant on manufacturing to a thriving, modern, knowledge-based centre for education, business and leisure.

There is more to Manchester than meets the eye, it’s a city just waiting to be discovered. From superb shopping areas and exciting nightlife to a vibrant history and contrasting vistas, Manchester really has everything. It is a modern city that is dynamic, welcoming and energetic with stunning architecture, fascinating museums, award winning attractions and a variety of bars and restaurants.

Manchester is also a hive of cultural activity. From the thriving and dominant music scene which gave birth to bands as diverse as Oasis and the Halle Orchestra, to one of many world-class festivals and the rich sporting heritage. Throw into the mix an impressive range of galleries and museums (the majority of which offer free entry) and visitors are guaranteed to be stimulated and invigorated.

Manchester has a compact and accessible city centre. Most areas are within walking distance of each other, or if you want to save energy, hop onto the Metrolink tram or jump aboard the free Metroshuttle bus.

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